Is Your Ex-Partner Dodging Court-Ordered Child Support?

Is Your Ex-Partner Dodging Court-Ordered Child Support?

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When the parent of your child refuses to take responsibility and pay court-ordered support, count on Smith & Associates for child custody collection assistance. Our attorney has helped numerous Aurora residents get the support their child is entitled to by relying on 20+ years of experience.

We specialize in collecting child support payments and accumulated interest through:
• Asset seizure
• Contempt of court
• Retirement assets seizure
• Wage garnishment

Don’t let your child’s absentee parent get away with ditching their responsibilities – trust the legal professional at Smith & Associates. Schedule a consultation with our attorney today by calling 303-809-7715.

Get the legal help you need from an expert you can trust

The lawyer at Smith & Associates in Aurora works hard to provide superior legal services and compassionate client support. We’ll look over every aspect of your claim to build a credible case to present to the court. In addition to child custody collections, Smith & Associates can help you with divorce and allocation of parental responsibilities.

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