I had hired an attorney years ago and she didn't do me any favors. I had to manager her, she was way too liberal and was a waste of money. Because of her lack of advocating for my kids, the court just sent us to Co-Parenting II class that didn't change anything other than fueling my narcissitic ex-husband. His bullying escalated to both me and my kids. I finally found Mark and he was my angel! From initial consult to the final modified orders in which I was very pleased. He helped me stand-up for not only my kids but, myself. My kids and I finally have peace thanks to him. He was realistic in setting expectations, knowledgeable, and responsive. Worth every penny! If you want someone that will advocate for you and your children, he's the man! I only wished I knew him before.

Hire *If you don't want to put up with crap from your ex*

January 14, 2016

Mark Smith has a terrific work ethic and provided me valuable legal service. Mark was always timely, caring, and thoughtfully aggressive in my representation. He always seemed to genuinely care about my case which provided me assurance and confidence throughout the process.

Wonderful and Compassionate Attorney

Alec - January 13, 2016

If you have a case where you have worked the system as much as possible with no avail Mark Smith is the attorney to get things done. 17 years of inconsistent child support and 45k of arrears due and in December to March he got my case resolved. I highly recommendable him! No matter the case he is a highly exceptional attorney and puts a lot of heart into his work and his cases as he did mine. THE best experience I have had in the 17 years of trying to get child support.

Happy Client

Adriana - March 11, 2016

Mark is a wonderful attorney that represented me through a divorce and subsequent child custody issues. He is empathetic and his years of experience served my family well in difficult times. Highly recommend.

Wonderful Attorney

Elizabeth - January 20, 2016

Hire Mark. He knows the process, is responsive, professional and more importantly, is realistic. He can be a teddy bear or a pit bull depending on your needs. I needed a pit bull and it was awesome after having a liberal lawyer who I had to constantly manage and wouldn't fight or advocate much for myself or my kids-she just took my money. I thank my lucky stars that I got the referral for Mark. I will have no issue retaining him again should my ex cross the line with me or my kids. Worth every penny.

If You Want To Get The Job Done

Laura - January 20, 2016

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